Merry Chrystmas to everyone

Els alumnes de 3r d'anglès, amb col•laboració del projecte Erasmus em fet postals de nadal en anglès i català pels avis i àvies de les dues residències de Santpedor.

Merry Christmas to everyone, This Christmas will be special and different for everyone and we wanted to wish merry christmas to all of you and specially to the elderly, who are staying at  Nursery homes in Santpedor. As you know, it has been a tough year for everyone and we know that we can brighten the day of the elderly with a Christmas postcard. This is the least we can do! So, all in all, 3rd ESO students have made and decorated beautiful postcards and they have shown their compromise all through. We, as teachers, would like to thank our students for their attitude and generosity. Finally, we would like to say that this little action makes our students more aware of how their attitude may change our world. Enjoy the holidays with your beloved ones, 3rd ESO English teachers: Gemma Sellarés and Sole Gonzalo

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